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Aaron Watson

Flashback: Entertainment at the grand opening Nov 2004

We carry extensive lines of feed from Wendland's, Red Chain, Nutrena and
Livestock Nutrition Center

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☆ We stock a full line of Aquavet pond treatments.

☆ Baby CHICKS arriving April 18th. Save the date - they will go fast.

☆ Vegetable and Flower Plants Arriving every Friday.

☆ We have a full line of lawn and garden products mulch, potting soils, fertilizers, compost, gypsum, top soils.

☆ Get rid of unwanted weeds and grasses in your driveway, around barns, fence lines, etc. with RM18 and RM43.

☆ Time to start putting out your fly control mineral. Cargill Right Now Emerald with IGR available in loose mineral.

Count on us this spring for your gardening needs. Check often to see what has just arrived